Chef's choice

Tapas Royal € 22,00 p.p.
A generous combination of tapas selected from our menu by the chef: a selection of 9 different tapas with variation in vegetarian, fish and meat. You don't have to choose tha tapas, we wille suprise you!
From 2 persons (and recommended for groups larger than 8 people)

Tapas de Luxe € 27,00 p.p.
An extensive combination of 12 different tapas of meat, fish and vegetables, served in 2 courses. As aperitif we serve a delicious glass of Sangria. A feats of tapas and a true surprise dinner!
From 2 persons (and recommended for groups larger than 8 people)

Jamon Iberico 'Pata Negra' € 15,85
Jamon Iberico, also known as Pata Negra, is without a doubt the 'king' among hams. This biological ham is preserved in salt and then dried. Due to this unique maturation process the ham gets it's delicious soft taste.

Tapas (To start with...)

Pan con alioli € 3,60
Bread with alioli

Pan con tomaca € 3,90
Toasted bread with tomato and garlic

Aceitunas € 3,65
Mixed olives

Jamon Iberico € 15,85
Exclusive Pata Negra ham

Boquerones marinados € 5,75
Marinated anchoviesfillets

Manchego € 4,25
Sheep's cheese

Manchego al romero € 4,45
Sheep's cheese with rosemary

Tabla de Quesos € 8,95
Different kinds of cheese

Tabla de Ibericos € 9,85
Spanish meats from Iberico

Meat tapas

Pollo Ajillo € 4,95
Chicken wings with garlic

Pollo miel y mostaza € 5,95
Chicken fillet with honey-mustard

Revuelto de Sal Gorda € 5,75
Scrambled eggs with Jamon Iberico

Costillas de Cordero € 6,90
Grilled lamb cutlets

Lomo de Cerdo € 6,25
Fillet of porkwith honey-mustard sauce

Salchichon Merquez € 5,10
Spiced lamb sausages

Albondigas € 5,95
Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce

Chorizo infierno € 5,95
Baked, spicy chorizo

Pulga de carne € 6,25
Bread with fried steak

Datiles con Bacon € 4,95
Dates with bacon

Pincho Moruno € 5,35
Marinated pork on a skewer

Pimientos Rellenos € 5,95
Baked peppers filled with minced meat

Fish Tapas

Huevos Rellenos € 4,15
Eggs filled with tuna (2 pcs)

Gambas a la plancha € 5,85
Grilled king prawns (2 pcs)

Gambas al ajillo € 6,90
Shrimps in garlic oil

Revuelto gamba's € 5,50
Scrambled eggs with gamba's

Calamares a la Romana € 6,75
Deep-fried squid

Croquetas Cangrejo € 4,75
Surimicrab croquettes ( 2 pcs)

Sardinas a la Plancha € 5,40
Grilled sardines

Pulpito al Ajillo € 5,80
Baby octopus with garlic

Ensaladilla € 5,25
Potatoes salad with tune fish

Vegetarian Tapas

Queso de cabra € 4,95

Toast with goat's cheese and honey

Berenjas y Calabacin € 4,95
Battered courgette and aubergine

Tortilla espanola € 4,50
Spanish potato omelette with egg and onion

Champignones al Ajillo € 4,90
Fresh mushrooms with garlic

Patatas Bravas € 4,50
Fried potatoes with a spicy sauce

Verduras a la Plancha € 6,85
Grilled vegetables

Espinacas € 5,25
Spinach with raisins and pine-nuts

Escalibada € 5,75
Cold oven dish with aubergine, courgette and paprika

Queso Frito € 5,75
Deep fried cheese


Ensalada Mixta € 5,95
Mixed fresh salad

Ensalada de Tomte y Queso € 5,95
Tomato salad with fresh cheese

Endivia con Queso Azul € 5,95
Salad with endive, nuts and blue cheese